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Driveway Cleaning

A simple driveway cleaning & sidewalk cleaning can add up to 10% value back into your home. Thats up to $30,000 on a $300,000 home for a small maintenance fee once or twice per year, which is the industry standard recommendation. Not only does it add value, but also adds curb appeal, which makes your home more aesthetically pleasing, homey and inviting. 
Driveway cleaning or cleaning your concrete also adds protection. Once your driveway, walk way, patio gets that dull black look, that is mildew, algae, mold which in its self is a health risk, but also is a danger when wet, concrete will get very slippery when algae, mold, mildew is present. Call, text, or simply book below with Pressure's Up, the experts in cleaning for Sanford Fl, Lake Mary Fl, Deland Fl. 

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