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5 Signs Your House Needs Washing

5 signs your house needs washing

If you're a homeowner, then it's crucial that you keep your home looking its absolute best, both inside and out. One of the ways to keep your home's exterior sparkling clean is with regular house washing sessions. However, while we recommend regular house washings every few months, here are a few signs that you may need a pressure washing sooner rather than later.

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Your Home Looks Dirty

First and foremost, you can tell your home is dirty just by looking at it. Are there stains and grime all over the siding and windows? Does your home look aged and or worn-down? In these instances, you CAN judge a book by its cover. Don't let your home's exterior get too dirty before you decide to wash it.

Your Neighbors Are Complaining

The appearance of your home doesn't just reflect poorly on you; it can impact your entire neighborhood. Your neighbors (especially those who are trying to sell their homes) will be very unhappy if your home is dragging down the property value of areas around it. Keep your home looking nice and clean so that it reflects positively on the surrounding homes as well.

Your Township Is Complaining

In some cases, your township may actually get involved if they believe that your home looks too dirty. If you don't keep your home up to a certain standard, you may actually face fines and penalties. You don't want to have to pay unnecessary fees, so consider washing your home soon.

You're Noticing Unwanted "Guests"

Pests and critters like to make their home in areas that are dirty and unattended. You may find all kinds of guests, especially insects, settling in and taking up residence around your house if it's not washed regularly. When having your house washed, make sure you have all the dark corners and nooks and crannies flushed out as well to wipe out these pests for good.

Your Energy Bills Are High

Many homeowners may not realize that a dirty home can actually cause higher energy usage. During the winter months, you want to welcome as much natural sunlight into your home to keep it warm. With all that grime and gunk on your windows, not as much sunlight is going to come through, meaning your internal heating system has to work harder to keep things comfortable. This results in higher energy bills. Regular house washing can put an end to unnecessarily high energy usage.

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